Saturday, June 05, 2021, 6.30 - 11.30pm

Palladium at Crown, Melbourne

Why "Pass the Baton" 4 Eating Disorders?

Eating Disorders are serious, life-threatening brain-based illnesses and not choices. 


Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate of ALL mental illnesses, with up to 20% dying from suicide or complications of organ failure if left untreated.  In fact, approximately 2,000 young people in Australia die each year from the effects of an eating disorder – sadly, many more deaths than the national road toll. 


EDFA has created a baton concept to share key facts and help others understand that eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice. They take their toll on the entire family over the difficult, exhausting and lengthy battle of their loved one’s recovery. Families suffer emotionally and financially, often feeling isolated, alone and fearful about their loved one’s future.

Our relay Batons are symbolic of the sharing of important information which must occur with all members of the treatment team. The team must stay on track, working together, passing the same message to one another, setting boundaries and keeping the individual safe.

While it is a sprint to get early detection, diagnosis and to take action, we know that eating disorders take a long time to recover from, both physically and mentally. Caring for someone is like a marathon. Families need strength, understanding, resilience and determination to support someone with an eating disorder.

World Eating Disorders Action Day is June 2nd. Let’s support this global awareness campaign!

Please help us to raise awareness and reduce stigma around eating disorders by reading the information on the batons, then passing them on at work, schools, sporting clubs, gyms, social groups, etc and asking others to read the information--and then continue to #PassTheBaton4EatingDisorders!

Thank you!