Who is EDFA ?

Eating Disorder Families Australia (EDFA) was created by families and carers for families and carers.


What started off with a few parents caring for children with eating disorders meeting up for a dinner, became the launch pad for our volunteer, not-for-profit carer support organisation, Eating Disorders Families Australia (EDFA). We all knew the 24/7 struggle to  support & supervise our loved one as well as work & other family commitments.  We knew the isolation, the fear & the exhaustion that each other felt.  We realised that there was much to be gained by face-to-face contact with others who truly understood.


We found some like-minded fellow passionate carers & after a lot of administrative & governance preparation , launched EDFA in May 2017 at the At Home with Eating Disorders Conference in Sydney. EDFA is the only National organisation solely focused on supporting & skilling the families of people with eating disorders.  To date we have not received any Government funding, but have relied on fundraising & small donations.


We are proud to be regularly invited as the voice of the carer to the discussion table & collaborate with other key Eating Disorders organisations, including The Butterfly Foundation, Inside Out, ANZAED, state based Eating Disorder organisations various University research programs & Government initiatives.

Evidence shows that early diagnosis and the education and support of families increases the chance of recovery for those suffering from an eating disorder.


EDFA connects, educates and empowers families, therefore reducing the isolation, confusion and exhaustion around the challenge of supporting their loved one.  EDFA understands the complex journey of caring for someone with an eating disorder.  As a result, parents and carers know they are not alone in their journey in caring for sufferers, they are not to blame and they are better equipped to manage treatment for their loved one at home.


EDFA advocates for the inclusion of parents and carers as pivotal members of the core medical treatment team.


EDFA is here to give voice to families and carers and to support clinicians in the effective involvement of families and carers in treatment programs.


Our Vision

An Australia where eating disorders

struggle to emerge, thrive or persist.

Our Mission

To facilitate and advocate for families
and carers to ensure they are supported and equipped and acknowledged as a central part 
of optimising the recovery process
for the 
person with the eating disorder.