Our Achievements

EDFA consists of five volunteer parents of adolescent and adult children with an eating disorder and one carer of a partner with an eating disorder. Since its inception in May 2017, our organisation is extremely proud of its achievements and our ongoing work for families suffering with eating disorders. With the funding raised at our inaugural Pass the Baton Ball in 2018 and some small donations, we have achieved these initiatives to date without government funding or corporate sponsorship.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, ensures that we can continue to provide the grass-roots, lived experience support and education to families across Australia.

  • Our Melbourne Eating Disorders Parent Support Group has been meeting monthly and running for over 3 years (commenced Sep '16 by two board members before EDFA began).  This very successful lived experience, peer-led, parent and carer support group has been rebranded in readiness for our national rollout as strive Melbourne (Support, Teach, Reassure, Inform, Validate and Empower). People travel distances of up to 3 hours to come to this group.


  • National rollout of strive 

    • Thirty groups will be rolled out over the next 3 years

    • 10 up and running by the end of 2020 in both metropolitan and rural areas around Australia

    • Facilitators are volunteer parents & carers with lived experience

    • Training provided by EDFA, as we are carers with understanding and personal knowledge of eating disorders


  • Melbourne University is conducting an analysis of EDFA’s support groups 

    • to assess the benefits of our peer support program over time using quantitative and qualitative methods


  • Brought Temperament Based Treatment training with Supports (TBT-S) to Australia from the USA  

    • Three eating disorders expert clinicians were brought out from the USA and presented workshops over a 4½ week period in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia

    • EDFA received no funding and covered all costs for this extensive program which educated both clinicians and carers. This emerging therapy recognises the importance of a trusted carer being included in the treatment team

  • Bringing education workshops to families, including world renowned American educator and author & international speaker, Carolyn Costin and experienced eating disorders educator, Jan Clarke, founder of the Bronte Centre​

  • EDFA created the ‘Pass the Baton 4 Eating Disorders’ concept for the annual 2nd June World Eating Disorders Action Day, to generate awareness of the prevalence and dangers of eating disorders and to help reduce the stigma which surrounds them


  • Ongoing work to expand the Pass the Baton campaign

  • Provision of subsidies for families with financial challenges to attend educational workshops and conferences


  • Providing online support through our social media channels

  • Our inaugural Pass the Baton Ball in 2018 was our first major fundraiser and was a sell-out event with 632 attendees filling the Melbourne Town Hall and helping raise $90,000 for EDFA

  • During 2018/19 QMS Digital Billboards supported EDFA to provide a powerful series of eating disorders awareness and education advertising campaigns Australia-wide. 


  • Recognition nationally by other eating disorders stakeholder organisations such as the Butterfly Foundation, InsideOut Institute and other state-based entities to “come to the table” as an expert representative voice for the carer.

  • Having collaborative relationships with other Australian Eating Disorder organisations & promoting educational & support opportunities offered by these groups to our members, so that families are aware & can best utilise the services available to them.

  • Presentation and facilitation of our first Carers’ Day, in collaboration with the Butterfly Foundation, at the 2019 ANZAED Conference in Adelaide.


  • Supporting the “Feast of Knowledge” Carer's Day created by FEAST at The International Conference of Eating Disorders (ICED 2020) in partnership with the Butterfly Foundation and EDANZ in June 2020. EDFA will be assisting  some members to attend the conference by subsidising the attendance fee 


  • Providing all our EDFA members with a free copy of the recently published book, “Unpack Your Eating Disorder”, with thanks to the generosity of the McNamara Family Foundation

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the strive support group and have received countless requests to replicate this service across the nation. Here's what parents are saying about their experince with strive:

“Being able to hear and learn from real people with real experience who have gone through similar experiences is invaluable. There is no judgement, only support. The group is extremely welcoming.”

“It is a safe space where there is no judgement. So much support and exchange of ideas and knowledge – and knowing that we all understand each other.”

“I found it so helpful knowing that I am not alone.”

“The wealth of knowledge from the lived experience is immeasurable.”

“I came away from this meeting more determined than ever to fight ED. It gave me strength and confidence. I just wish I could attend every month.”

“It gave me strength and confidence.”

“A place to freely express frustrations and receive support is truly invaluable.”

“Have only been once as I live in rural Victoria and it`s a long way from home.”

“I have learnt more from these support sessions about eating disorders than from my medical training and my profession overall.”

– Doctor and parent of

child with eating disorder