EDFA's 'Wish for Families'

  • EDFA has achieved important work for families, many of whom are desperate to know who to turn to for help, advocacy and support. To date, the EDFA Board members have worked tirelessly as volunteers to bring about all our achievements. We have managed to fund one consultant on a part time basis to assist with the strive program, however, we need extra hands on deck to secure our future.


  • The hours volunteered by the Board, whilst caring for their family with a sick member plus working, are unsustainable. EDFA needs funding to employ three passionate, full-time workers to be committed to, grow and expedite the delivery of our national education and support programs as well as ongoing administrative tasks.


  • Funding for EDFA’s strive peer support groups planning and rollout at a projected cost of $350,000 over the next 12 months where we plan to have 15 groups nationally

  • Funding for ongoing management and expansion of the strive support groups to the currently planned number of 30


  • Ongoing funding for 12 National education workshops at a cost of $36,000 per year

  • Re-build the EDFA.org.au website to provide better functionality, make it more user friendly and ongoing maintenance ~$20,000 rebuild + $6,000 maintenance over 2 years


  • Running fun events for siblings


  • Providing ‘Carer’s Packages’ for those experiencing hardship, such as funding for respite, food vouchers, home cleaning services etc


  • EDFA representing carers at as many Eating Disorders conferences & seminars in Australia as possible